Isklar Norseman Treningsleir

Til våren arrangerer våre tyske venner med Susanne Buckenlei i spissen en Isklar Norseman Treningsleir på Playitas, Fuerteventura. Vi tok en prat med Susanne for å høre litt om denne leiren.

Jørgen Melau

This year you and your Professional Endurance Team is launching the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon camp for the first time. When and were is it going to be?
We will be holding the first "Isklar Norseman camp"  at the Playitas Resort in Fuerteventura from the 12.4 to 26.4 2013. Playitas  is a great place and well-known to a a lot of Triathletes.

The Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon camp is a new possibility to prepare for the season in warm conditions in Fuerteventura. Please tell us a little about the camp
The camp is build up a round a wide spectrum of training and services regarding to the Isklar Norseman, but witch all at the same time can prepare you to your triathlon season.
There will be specific training units for the hilly bike racing, trail running and open water swimming, as well as change training to get used to changing the disciplines. Further more we are offering evening speaks from our experts in different sport science related topics, and we offer technique analyzes in both running and swimming to help you get more efficient and minimize the risk of getting injured when training and racing.

Do you have to participate in the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon to sign up for the camp?
Not at all. We are building up a setup that will prepare you just as well, if you are racing other races, but you will be among other athletes and coaches that all share the passion about triathlon in great nature, in a calm and easy atmosphere.

How experienced an athlete do I need to be, to be able to participate?
As Fuerteventura do have quite some hills, and the wind can be rather strong, this is not a camp that will suit the beginner triathlete. ( for that case, we do have other camps in our program). For this camp you should be familiar with the sport, but you fore sure don´t have to be an elite athlete, all though we have those as well. In the training, there will be made groups, fitting the different levels in the camp.

There are many camps offered in the spring season. How is this camp different to others?
Our basic camp setup is what makes us strong, and gives us the option of aiming camp in a specific direction, like for the Isklar Norseman. With a strong base of services that just work we are able just add, specific training units, speaks and advise towards the athlete preparing for this event. We have several former participants from the Isklar Norseman that can´t wait to give on there knowledge about this race and what makes it so special.

Jørgen Melau

The professional Endurance Team is doing the sportive management of the camp, Hannes Hawaii Tours is making sure everything else is running smoothly both regarding to the travel and the stay during the camp. This partnership has been working well for several years, but might be new to norwegian athletes. Please tell us a little about how you are working with each other?
Our corporation have been running for the past 14  years, and since 8 years are we doing several two weeks camps each year. We started out in Lanzarote, and mallorca, then changed our location to Fuerteventura after the Playitas resort opened, offering the perfect setup for the camps. We are very close with the people behind Hannes Hawaii Tours, and count them all to our friends. That is something that give it all a warm and pleasant atmosphere that our athletes can feel during the stay.

How does a normal day in the camp look like?
All our offerings are optional to the athletes, meaning that you can pick out training units and speaks etc., like you want to. We do though give out training plans aiming different levels of performance, that gives you a guidance on how we would do. In a camp, you can live more or less like a professional, witch gives you all day to do your workouts. This is on one side a great option that most athletes don´t have back home, but comes with the risk of over doing it all. An important focus from our side is not just to to the training, but to make sure that the regeneration part is balanced as well.
If following our plans, the day starts out with a swim- or a run technique unit, then breakfast before we head out on the bike .
After coming back from the bike ride, there will be a short of bike run or just rest, and then before dinner the option of a swim session or stretching and core training. After dinner there will be a short meeting about the coming day and a speak before heading for a drink at the bar, or just getting to sleep to be ready for the next day. It will be hard to get bored during this time, but it will give you a great foundation for the training in the spring and summer.

You won the Isklar Norseman Extreme Triathlon three year in a row, what kind of experience do you want to transfer to the participants during this camp?
The Isklar Norseman race, is a great event, but could also seem as a huge planning act, and of couse a huge sportive performance. Knowing how to plan it all. What important is and where to put the focus leading up the the event is crucial for a good performance. That is my goal to give every athlete this kind of toolbox to handle the event in the best way possible.
Thank you for your time and we hope to see a lot of norwegian athletes joining this new camp.


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